The 1st United States Volunteer Cavalry was known as “The Rough Riders,” and led by the man who would become our 26th President, Theodore Roosevelt.  The younger ranks of the regiment consisted of hunters, cowboys, and prospectors, while many of the older soldiers were US veterans and retired law enforcement.  These more experienced members would serve in officer roles to train and develop the younger ranks.

We have taken our inspiration from this motley crew and their famed leader, and as the Mile High Rough Riders, we have created a new mission:

To provide outdoor opportunities to less fortunate youth through education and mentorship programs with veterans and first responders.  

Just as Colonel Roosevelt built his fighting force on the experience of older soldiers, and the skill and enthusiasm of young men, so we intend to build an organization of ethical outdoor enthusiasts by connecting the youth of our communities with those who have served us in so many other ways. 

We think “The Bull Moose” would proudly salute this new generation of Rough Riders.


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